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The Legendary Wolverine with his razor sharp claws brings you an action packed slot game that will leave you entertained and (if you play for real) richer! This Wolverine slot features some great graphics and animations, tied closely with Marvel’s X-Men movie. Playtech has created a family of different Marvel Slot games, most notably Iron Man Slot, Spiderman Slot and The Avengers Slot, but we must all agree that Wolverine has something special when it comes to Marvel superheroes. In this Wolverine Slot game when you hit the Berserker Rage symbol, which displays on the fifth reel, he jumps out of the reels and distributes Wilds randomly. Play for real to win the progressive jackpot.

Did you know? That by playing the Wolverine slots machine you have the chance of winning the MARVEL JACKPOT?

Try a spin for real and feel the thrill to win the big prize that often reaches $1.000.000!

The Man Behind the Hero

Behind every superhero there is an interesting story and Wolverine is no exception. For comic book readers his history should be general knowledge, but he has so many fans that don’t know what he is all about. Before getting into the details of this amazing Wolverine slot game, let’s look at the man behind the hero.

His real name is Logan and to make a rather long story short, he was a military experiment that didn’t exactly go as planned. However, it did leave him with some mutant powers that make up the Marvel hero we all know today. His skeleton was treated with adamantium, which gives him the ability to heal within a matter of minutes. But Wolverine’s trademark feature is the blades that come out of his hands when he gets ready for a fight. For most X-Men fans he is definitely the favorite and this is probably due to his brooding and isolated, take no prisoners, kind of attitude.

The Wolverine Slot Game

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first Wolverine slot game to surface. Cryptologic was the developer for the first ever Wolverine slot and they did a pretty decent job. But Playtech came along and apart from creating a great range of Marvel slot games they also created their version of the ever popular character.

As mentioned before, you can expect some amazing graphics along with great sound effects. It’s a 5 reel, 25 payline slot that you can either play for free, which is a good way to get familiar with everything, or you can chase the huge progressive jackpots it’s connected to. Regardless of which you one you choose, you are going to love every second and every spin. Just remember that the progressive jackpots are only available if you play for real and they can strike anytime, anywhere.

Apart from the Beserker Rage symbol that really brings Wolverine to life, there are other cool features such as the Adamantium free spins game. When it’s triggered you get 12 free spins and for every Adamantium syringe that appears the meter will be increased by one. Ultimately you’ll be able to freeze any stacked wild in its place for another spin.

Find out what all the fuss is about and discover why he is such a popular superhero with this amazing Wolverine slot game. Play 120+  slots, triple deposit, $5000 welcome

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