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New awesome super hero slots game! Play the spanking new Iron Man 3 slots from Marvel – a Playtech game that will surely entertain all spin happy online slot lovers. You can TRY the Iron Man 3 slot game for FREE below or you can PLAY FOR REAL at Europa Casino to win the grand Marvel Jackpot!

Expect nothing less than a full on war when playing an Iron Man 3 Slot free. You can’t afford to hold anything back if you want to succeed in beating the greatest nemesis Iron Man has ever faced. Nobody is safe, not even the United States president and the last hope of victory falls to you. Grab all the guts you can muster and start playing an Iron Man 3 Slot free, because America is depending on you. Show the world why Iron Man is the greatest superhero that every came into existence.

The Hero you have to Save

Iron man 3 slot gameTony finds himself in a very difficult place, physically and emotionally. He risked his life while fighting with the Avengers and the shock of it all is still clear in his mind. To make matters worse his relationship with his long time love, Pepper, is crumbling by the minute. His burdens keep piling up as the public now expects him to rise to every occasion. This is where you have to take control. Your job is to put Iron Man in a position where he can be great again. Without your help he will falter under all the pressure. The only way you can do this is by playing an Iron Man 3 Slot free. Iron Man is in desperate need of help and he is turning to you. Are you capable of reviving the quick-witted, smooth talking billionaire playboy? Can you bring him back from his personal breakdown?

The Nemesis that Haunts the Hero

Even though Tony Stark might not admit it, just mentioning The Mandarin sends a cold chill down his spine. He is relentless, intelligent and most of all, he doesn’t care who dies in the process. He has cleverly created a decoy to mislead Iron Man and the rest of the world. Unfortunately the decoy was discovered too late, because Air Force One is taken under his control. You desperately try to save the president and his crew alongside Lt. Rhodes. If you don’t succeed then things will get even more out of hand. Make no mistake, The Mandarin is the worst terrorist in the world and he will stop at nothing until everything and everyone is destroyed.

The Consequence of Failing

If you fail in your mission to save Air Force One, then a very difficult decision awaits. This means that Pepper Pots along with the president are held hostage at two different locations. You can only save one, so who will you choose? Lt. Rhodes volunteers to go and save the president, leaving you open to go after the woman you love. However, you do have some fantastic support. Tony’s personal breakdown has led to him creating numerous new Iron Man suits. The best part is that tony can control them via JARVIS. With this advantage you send Lt. Rhodes to go and take care of the president. Unfortunately The Mandarin has a secret weapon of his own, namely the Extremis. This makes him superhuman and pretty much impossible to kill.

The Showdown

iron man3 slot game freeIt all comes down to you, The Mandarin and keeping Pepper Pots from dying. Keep in mind that The Mandarin is more powerful than any Iron Man suit that Tony has created, thanks to Extremis. If you fail Pepper will fall to her death and you will be crushed. Playing Iron Man 3 Slot free isn’t something you should take likely, because the consequences can be devastating if you can’t handle the heat.

The Conclusion

There are many ways in which this story can play out. It all depends on your special skills and how you use them while playing Iron Man 3 Slot free. If you are ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime then this is the place to get it. Utilize the Iron Man army Tony has worked so hard to create and beat down the worst terrorist to ever exist. Your courage to play Iron Man 3 Slot free is the only thing standing between The Mandarin and total destruction. Are you willing and able? Are you ready to take on a nemesis that is more powerful than anything Iron Man had to defeat before? The action is addictive and electrifying, not to mention all the cool technology that comes with being the hero.

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