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Want to play the original Marvel slots games for a chance to grab a big win – even a piece of the Marvel Jackpot – at one of our featured multi-platform online casinos?

Marvel Slots Free - Online Slot Machine Reviews
  • The Incredible Hulk Slots
  • Iron Man Slots
  • Wolverine Slots
  • Spider-man Slots
  • Fantastic Four Slots
  • The Avengers Slots

Marvel Slots Editor Review Summary

The biggest favorite among the legendary Marvel slots series is surely the Hulk 50 line slots. The green beast appears in many bonus features of the video slot game. You can try it for free and rate it yourself. The second place is probably for the Iron man and Spider-man slots they equally awesome and enjoyable with many free spins and bonus rounds included. If you fancy the all star setup then go for the Avengers slots that has a nice selection of all the mightiest marvel heroes of the universe.


Hilarious Age of Ultron Bloopers


Of course there was enough laughter during the actual film, but sometimes it’s the jokes behind the scenes that really get the best reaction. Check out these hilarious Age of Ultron bloopers and gain some new appreciation for the people who make the magic happen.


Introducing the Teams of Captain America: Civil War


Thanks to some leaked artwork the teams of Captain America: Civil War has been revealed. As you can guess, this only makes everyone more anxious to see the film. One thing we’ve come to know about Marvel’s tactics to create hype is to “accidentally” leak something or another, then allowing the masses to go nuts


Hot and Heavy Superhero News: It’s All Coming Together


There is a mixture of excitement this week and if you want to know what it’s all about, just keep reading our Hot and Heavy Superhero News segment. Our focus this week goes to the Suicide Squad, X-Men and Superman. More specifically, we’ll be looking at the progress being made on the upcoming movies and


Superhero Movies with a Twist


Even though we take our dose of superhero news with a dash of sophistication and seriousness, it’s sometimes great to just sit back and laugh. Check out the following superhero movies with a twist – it’s everything but sophisticated or serious. Please note, we do not take any responsibility if you wet your pants laughing.


Batman vs Superman gets New Release Date


Yes, we were all a little pissed to hear that Batman vs Superman wouldn’t be coming out in 2015, but according to DC’s CEO, it’s worth the wait. On the flip side, a new release date has been given and it cuts the wait with about two months. It seems like 2016 is definitely going